Editorial projects

Creation and development of Spanish digital collections and databases.

Consortium Grupo Enciclo

Experienced publishers in the field of publications, monographs and reference works.

Grupo Enciclo

Consortium Grupo Enciclo leads the distribution of digital reference works and Spanish encyclopaedias in several Latin American countries.

Digital edition in Spain

Grupo Enciclo is among the top five most active and prestigious providers of digital content, according to the “Panorámica de la Edición Española” study.


Some of our projects have received support from the Spanish MCU Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport through its aid policies to increase the legal supply of cultural digital content on Internet and to promote modernization and innovation of cultural and creative industries.

Publishing projects

Our Consortium is composed by a large number of prestigious and experienced firms, editors and institutional clients. All of our works are carefully customized in order to achieve high quality content according to the creation and implementations standard processes.